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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Outdoor warning sirens:

Q: What should I do if the sirens sound?

A: Go inside! Tune into a local television, local radio, use the internet, or listen to a NOAA All-Hazards Radio to find out what the hazardis and what to do next.

Q: When will the sirens be activated?

A: Nearly any emergency where we need to alert you to take action to protect yourself.

Q: What are Severe Thunderstorms?

A: Thunderstorms containing winds in excess of 58 mph and hail over 1 inch in diameter or tornadoes.

Q: What is a Watch message?

A: A severe weather WATCH means that conditions are favorable for storms to develop that may produce heavy rain, dangerous lighting, strong winds, large hail, tornadoes or flooding.

Q: What is a WARNING?

A: A weather WARNING means that life threatening weather is happening NOW in your area and immediate action is needed.

Q: Where should I go to take shelter from severe thunderstorns or tornadoes?

A: Take shelter from severe weather in a small interior room on the lowest floor of your home.  Stay away from windows.  If you are in a building with a large span roof, such as a church, auditorium, or factory seek shelter away from the large, open spaces in a small interior room.  If your are in a mobile home or vehicle, seek shelter in a nearby solidly built building.  Plan ahead during severe weather, have a plan and allow plenty of time to reach your planned shelter.  Do not use highway overpasses for shelter.

Q: When are the outdoor sirens tested?

A: Outdoor sirens are tested in the City of Odessa area on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:00a.m.  Tests are usually three minutes in length.

Q: I heard the sirens sound then they sounded again. What does this mean?

A: WE DO NOT SOUND "ALL CLEAR."  If the sirens sound multiple times it means that the emergency is continuing and we are trying to alert persons who may have missed the first warning.  In an emergency, sirens sound from 3 to 5 minutes

Q: Why can't I hear the sirens in my home?

A: The sirens are intended for OUTDOOR warning only. For alerts indoors we recommend purchasing a NOAA ALL-Hazards Radio.  These radios can be programmed to receive alerts for our area and will alert you of weather emergencies or other dangers from hazards while you are indoors.  If you can hear the outdoor siren in your home, that is a bonus, but you will still need to know the nature of the emergency.

Q: Where can I get a NOAA radio?

A: NOAA radios are available at the Odessa Police Departments for a minimal cost. The radios can also be purchased at most department and home improvement stores.

Q: Where are the sirens located in the City of Odessa?

A: The City of Odessa has 9 outdoor sirens located throughout the City.  Siren #1 is located on Action Ave. by the Outlet Mall; Siren #2 is located at 9th St and OO Hwy; Siren #3 is located at N Wells St. & Benning St. ; Siren #4 is located at North 4th st. & Park Dr.; Siren #5 is located at Johnson DR & E. Chestnut; Siren #6 is located at the Odessa Police Station; Siren #7 is located at West Main & North 9th st. ; Siren #8 is located at South 1st & East Phillips St.; Siren #9 is located at Golf St. & 7th St.

Q: Where else can I get information?

A: Local broadcast television channels 4, 5, 9 and 41 or radio stations especially includinig: KMZU-FM 100.7

Q: Where can I get information on the Internet?

A: The National Weather Service

Q: I noticed a strange, new ringtone and strange text message on my mobile phone. Where did this message come from?

A: This message is the Wireless Emergency Alerting system (WEA). The major mobile telephone providers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are cooperating to provide emergency messages to users of mobile phones. The messages are of three types:

Q: Is there any local source of information?

A: The City of Odessa participates in a free text messaging alerting system. Log onto and click on "City of Odessa alerts" and follow the steps for the emergency alerts. (The City of Odessa text service is connected with the National Weather Service on emergency text alerts)
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